Tarun Vaani – 2 Up! In Life Expression

“The Strategy to FOLLOW for Total Success will become a Cakewalk once You! Condition Your Mind Thoughts & Actions aligned with Your Success Plan – Otherwise It will become a Battlefield – A War with Self”

  1. Discover Your True Potential & True Calling
  2. Devise a Strategy
  3. Work Religiously Towards It without giving up

Follow these 3 steps & see miracles Happening in your life.

I know you would say its old, it simple, lot many people have said this before so many times.

Take A Moment – How many of us truly start from the very first step, we ignore the first one & start working on step 2 & step 3 . Most of the times we don’t get desired success in life, work relations, business, profession, career.

To find your true potential you need to WAKE UP! & MEET A NEW YOU

Keep It Up! – It’s Your Life

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Uplifting Life - Lessons By Tarun Khanna

TarunVaani – 1 – The Purpose of Being – Create an Uplifting Future

We all live once & thus we should take actions to create positive environment, set right approach, take well informed decisions, timely actions & give our best to create an uplifting future.

In this direction I am sharing with you today what my Heart & Mind believes in, what I work for, what my profession is – Training, Skilling, Assessing, Coaching & Guiding individuals through my service portfolio.


Know Your True Self – The aspects of “you” – hidden from you. Once you discover your true self your life becomes a lot easier

The Genuine Few – Find from your list of contacts personal, professional, social & create a small group or a selected few who know you inside out. They should be trustworthy so that you can share smallest of your achievements & biggest problems.

In this age of social media most of us are seen flattering & cook up things to please everyone in the group, but there are few who are genuine & have empathy. They feel sad when you are sad & happy when you are happy. They are TRUE FRIENDS. Add more of them just increasing the numbers hardly matter.

Take meaningful actions in the very first moment because you know what all you have to do but DON’T KNOW THE TIME WHICH IS WITH YOU to achieve what you aspire.

DISCOVER your true strengths & prepare yourself to see the best & also to face the worst of life as life is unpredictable.

ALWAYS STRIVE FOR PERSONAL GROWTH BUT DON’T WORK FOR 100% PERFECTION, you will only be disappointed as no matter how much perfection you achieve still there is scope of improvement with right & meaningful efforts. Love yourself, love your life & love your family & your friends because for them your presence MATTERS.

Have the courage to draw your own road map for life & scale up your performance even when you are amongst worst patch of life because times change & same way our future.

Persist until it pays off the way you aspire.

God Bless & Create A Life of your Choice through right efforts in the right direction. Stay Blessed Awlays.

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